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Love in the Digital Age: Survey Says TiVo Improves Relationships

Company Release - 5/4/2011 8:30 AM ET

National Survey Indicates TV Technology Is Changing Relationships for the Better; Relationship Expert, Comedian and Author Greg Behrendt Gives TiVo a "Thumbs Up" for Nurturing Relationships and Announces the TiVo Date Night In Sweepstakes

ALVISO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 05/04/11 -- Despite popular belief, television and technology can actually be used to help, rather than harm, a relationship. According to TiVo's "Turn on the Love" survey*, TiVo users spend more quality time together and are twice as likely as generic DVR users to put down their laptop during quality time at home.

According to the survey, 86 percent of TiVo users spend at least one hour a night plus weekends with their significant other, as opposed to just 75 percent of non-TiVo users.

"Plopping on the couch alone to watch sports for hours a day, sleeping next to your smart phone, or compulsively surfing the Internet can have a negative impact on a relationship, but there are smart ways that technology can actually help couples communicate more," said renowned comedian and co-author of "He's Just Not that into You," Greg Behrendt. "Using TiVo's access to music and movies increases a couple's exposure to entertainment and pop culture which are light, but very real topics for a couple to bond over on a daily basis. In home entertainment certainly helps busy couples turn off daily stresses and create a romantic date night in."

Among its findings, the "TiVo Turn on the Love" survey revealed...

  • Love may be found in a box. TiVo users indicated that since bringing home the device, romance has improved in their home (73 percent of TiVo respondents). Some TiVo users have even reported it has improved their sex life (5 percent).
  • Drama and sports come with more kisses. More than half of TiVo respondents will pause dramatic television shows for a smooch (54 percent), and a third of respondents will even pause their favorite team's games for a kiss (33 percent).
  • The definition of romance is broadening. While dining out still ranks first as the most romantic activity with a significant other, a night in to watch TV or a movie is a close second. And with more to watch/experience, TiVo users are more likely to classify a night in with their significant other as romantic, quality time (71 percent v. 60 percent of non-TiVo users).
  • Remote control wars are nearing the end.TiVo is helping couples keep the peace, as TiVo users fight less over the remote on a monthly basis (9 percent v. 11 percent of non-TiVo users).
  • Keep this recording. Despite the increase in romance thanks to television technology, a third of all survey respondents say they've "accidentally" deleted their partner's recordings to make room for their own (31 percent).

"We record all of the shows that we watch regularly," said an anonymous TiVo respondent. "TiVo has made watching television far more enjoyable, since we can now watch shows we're actually interested in anytime. It has eliminated disputes about watching one show versus another since we can record multiple shows at once (we have 3 TiVos!)."

Greg has these and more tips for couples when it comes to using technology to help your relationship:

  • Disconnect to reconnect with your partner. There is nothing wrong with checking your smart phone in your spare time, but when it butts into your dinner date or intimate moments it's becoming a problem. Discuss your relationship phone policy so there are no miscommunications half way through the night.
  • Timing is everything. In a good relationship, you know your partner is always thinking about ways to be considerate and score points in your relationship. If your honey is bummed because they will be missing their favorite show, have their program recorded and ready to watch when they get home. Just add popcorn, and you've changed their day from bad to good without paying a cent.
  • Old can be as good (or even better!) than new. When planning a date night in, don't just search the new releases for movies that your partner might like. Think about their favorite classic movie actor or even better, turn them on to something that had a big effect on you. Use TiVo Collections to browse and show someone who you are or used to be by discovering niche classics they'll love.
  • Spontaneity and fluidity are key. In any relationship it's important to remain spontaneous and change up daily plans at a moment's notice. TiVo allows you to go with the flow and watch the events and sports games when you get back, putting your partner's needs first.
  • Sometimes a song says it best. Take out or a home cooked meal can take an evening from average to special. Just a few clicks of the TiVo remote and you'll have access to 800,000 songs on Pandora so let the music do the talking.

TiVo Premiere, the world's first Smart DVR can help today's Romeos and Juliets plan a romantic date night in by using their partner's recently viewed content to recommend movies and shows that they will love. The mood can be further set with music from Pandora, Live365, Rhapsody or Music Choice.

TiVo users no longer have to settle for just "watching TV." Now there is Brilliant TV, which puts them at the center of their own entertainment universe. From movies and shows to web videos and music you can get virtually anything you want, whenever you want it.

In celebration of TiVo's ability to improve relationships, the company is hosting the TiVo Date Night In Sweepstakes. One lucky winner will receive a prize pack that consists of a TiVo Premiere DVR; one year of free TiVo service; one TiVo wireless G network adapter; flowers from delivered to the winner's significant other valued at $100; and a $100 gift certificate to for the couple's romantic dinner. Those interested in improving their relationship with TiVo Premiere can enter for a chance to win at

* TiVo's "TiVo Turn on the Love" Survey, conducted March, 2011

NO PURCHASE OR PAYMENT NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. Sweepstakes ends 5/31/2011 at 11:59:59 p.m. ET. Open only to current legal residents of the 50 states of the United States and D.C. who are the age of majority in their respective jurisdiction at the time of entry and are a fan of the TiVo page on Facebook ( at the time of entry. Void where prohibited. See Official Rules for details. Sponsored by TiVo Inc., Alviso, CA 95002 ("Sponsor").

For TiVo Customer Support call 877-367-8486. 2160 Gold Street, Alviso, CA 95002-2160. Please feel free to review our Privacy Policy.

About Greg Behrendt
Greg Behrendt is the co-author of the three-million-copy bestseller He's Just Not that into You. He has established himself as a voice of reason and inspiration for all of us negotiating, and sometimes drowning in, the treacherous waters of romantic relationships. His work as a stand-up comedian has been seen on HBO, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Conan O'Brien and Comedy Central.

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