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The Dog Days Aren't Over: Doritos' "Man's Best Friend" Most Engaging Super Bowl Ad According to TiVo's Tenth Annual List of Top-Ten Ads From the Big Game

Super Bowl Viewers Still Like Surprises as TiVo's Top Three Most Engaging Ads From Doritos and M&Ms Were Not Released Online Prior to Big Game

Company Release - 2/6/2012 7:23 AM ET

ALVISO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 02/06/12 -- TiVo Inc. (NASDAQ: TIVO), the creator of and leader in advanced television services including digital video recorders (DVRs), today released this year's top ten most engaging Super Bowl commercials and moments based on its anonymous audience research data with Doritos' user-created "Man's Best Friend" commercial taking the top spot. Doritos claimed two of the top three spots this year and has now landed on TiVo's top ten list for six consecutive years since finding success with its user-generated commercials.

The top ten commercials during this year's game according to TiVo were:

1.    Doritos                            "Man's Best Friend"
2.    M&Ms                               "Ms. Brown"
3.    Doritos                            "Sling Baby"
4.    Pepsi                              "King's Court"
5.    Volkswagen                         "The Dog Strikes Back"
6.    NFL New Fantasy Game               "Win a Million Bucks"
7.    Acura NSX                          "Seinfeld"
8.    FIAT 500                           "Supermodel"
9.    Chevy Camaro                       "Happy Grad"
10.   E*Trade Baby                       "Fatherhood"

TiVo is the only second-by-second audience research service which ranks these top ten commercials based on actual commercial retention and viewership relative to the program viewership numbers.

Following Volkswagen's success last year previewing "The Force" on the web, many brands also chose to feature their commercials days before the game including Volkswagen's "The Dog Strikes Back." "The brands with the top three most watched commercials did NOT preview their commercials online proving traditional television debuts of commercials still holds value to rise to the top," said TiVo'sTara Maitra, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Content and Media Sales.

Maitra continues, "TiVo's second-by-second audience research rankings of commercials provides an exclusive picture of viewer engagement during exact moments that resonate the most. This critical point of difference allows us to highlight the true measurement of engagement from specific advertising spots, the halftime entertainment, or highlights from the game-offering a precise look at just what matters to the viewer."

Commercials are not the only entertainment as the half-time show is always a fan-favorite and this year's high-profile show with Madonna was no different. Both last year's halftime show and this year's were viewed more than the game itself, and this year's increase over the game (15.7 percent) was nearly twice last year's (eight percent). In fact, TiVo data showed the anticipated Madonna half-time show kept the attention of viewers with the highest viewership numbers in the past four years.

This year's game -- like last year's -- was a battle to the end, as the most watched moment of the game was Tom Brady's Hail Mary throw into the end zone with just seconds left on the clock. Last year's most watched moment was also a play rather than an advertisement, when Pittsburgh Steeler's quarterback Ben Roethlisberger threw an incomplete pass to Mike Wallace in the final minute of the fourth quarter, giving Green Bay the Championship title.

Humor also sells. After a decade of releasing its unique Super Bowl data, TiVo found comedic commercials have been the most engaging advertisements with viewers. Indeed, all of the most engaging commercials since 2003 were humorous. The top commercials from the decade include the following:

TiVo's Super Bowl analysis was prepared using aggregated, anonymous, second-by-second audience measurement data from a sample of 41,666 anonymous households with the Emmy-award winning TiVo® service. TiVo gauges the interest in programming content by measuring the percentage of the TiVo audience watching in "play" speed. The most engaging ads are determined by looking for spots with the biggest bump in viewership relative to the surrounding 15 minutes of programming, offering a true reflection of change in viewership.

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