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TiVo Launches 'Next Day' TV Viewing Data

Enhancements to TiVo's Stop||Watch(TM) Ratings Service Enable Next-Day Delivery of Coveted Second-by-Second Viewership Data

Jennifer Lopez's Potential Wardrobe Malfunction Most-Watched Moment at Last Night's Oscars

New Measurement Functionality Also Integrated Into TiVo's Consumer Panel to Help Advertisers Improve Targeting, ROI

Company Release - 2/27/2012 4:10 PM ET

ALVISO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 02/27/12 -- TiVo Inc., (NASDAQ: TIVO) the creator of and a leader in television services and advertising solutions for digital video recorders (DVRs), today released an enhanced version of its syndicated Stop||Watch™ ratings service that will provide brands, advertisers and networks with next-day access to second-by-second viewership data aggregated anonymously from approximately 300,000 TiVo DVRs. Within as little as 12 hours after content airs, Stop||Watch™ provides subscribers invaluable insight into the performance of their ads and programming from the prior day. TiVo has tailored this new capability and several other enhancements to meet the needs of advertisers and brands in an increasingly on-demand and fragmented television viewing world.

Using the new next-day reporting capabilities of its Stop||Watch ratings service, TiVo was able to show that among TiVo households who viewed last night's 84th Annual Academy Awards as of today, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez presenting the awards for Best Costume Design and Makeup was the most-watched moment of the award show. The top three moments are as follows:

                SHOW MOMENT                       TIME       TIVO VIEWERSHIP
Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez presenting    8:58:01 PM ET      114.1%
the awards for Best Costume Design and
Robert Downey, Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow        9:41:08 PM ET      113.5%
presenting the award for Best Documentary
Meryl Streep wins the award for Best         11:29:09 PM ET      113.3%

*TiVo Viewership Increase refers to the percentage of TiVo households who viewed a particular moment compared to the average for the entire program.

Tara Maitra, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Content and Media Sales, said, "Advertisers are still relying on essentially undependable DVR audience measurement data that still looks at the world of TV viewing in minutes versus seconds and uses diminutive sample sizes. There are better options available today. Our services deliver data that drills on each second of viewing and every click of the remote providing a far more precise picture of what target audiences are watching compared with other DVR derived data that is currently available in the market. The improved insight capabilities we are unveiling today will further enhance our clients' ability to understand and analyze how their target audiences in DVR households are consuming television, better optimize their planning and ad buys, and ultimately help improve ROI in today's complex on-demand world."

TiVo also announced today a host of enhancements to its Power||Watch™ ratings service, which culls viewing data from 43,000 TiVo households who have volunteered to take part in a "passive" consumer panel, which will help to make the user experience for its clients more streamlined and allow new data comparisons to improve media planning and targeting. The new features will improve:

  • Reach and Frequency Data - Upgrades to the Power||Watch client portal allows for more granular analysis and more customizable datasets results.

  • Indexing Against Two Segments - Enhanced segmentation capabilities now allows for comparison between two groups of target audiences, such as "Teens" vs. "Heavy Movie Goers"

Additional information on TiVo's audience research & measurement services can be viewed here:

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