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TiVo Crowns 49ers as Most-Watched Pro Sports Team in Bay Area

TiVo Continues to Serve San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose Sports Fans as First Ever Offering of Comcast Xfinity(R) On Demand Begins Rollout in the Bay Area

Company Release - 4/12/2012 11:00 AM ET

ALVISO, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 04/12/12 -- San Francisco Bay Area residents love to tune their TVs to local sports, but just as the excitement surrounding a new baseball season begins, a TiVo survey finds the San Francisco 49ers the most-watched professional team among Bay Area sports fans. Just inching out the San Francisco Giants for the title, 35 percent of Bay Area residents are most likely to watch a Niners game if given one choice. Rounding-out the area's top TV teams are the San Jose Sharks (preferred by nine percent), the Oakland Raiders and Athletics (both with six percent), and finally the Golden State Warriors (five percent).

"The 49ers may have inched out the Giants as the Bay Area's favorite pro team, but the Giants are pushing to get back to the World Series and will undoubtedly cause a whole lot of TiVo recordings to be set this summer," said Doug Bieter, Vice President of Retail Sales for TiVo. "With summer show premieres and the launch of Comcast Xfinity On Demand for TiVo Premiere for customers exclusively in the Bay Area, there's no better way to enjoy TV than with TiVo."

As baseball and football prove to be the Bay's favorite sports to watch on TV, TiVo found that the SF Giants are the favorite baseball team (70 percent, to the Oakland Athletics' 15 percent) and locals prefer to watch the 49ers over the Raiders (74 percent vs. 12 percent). Perhaps surprisingly, more women said they were looking forward to watching the Raiders on TV this fall (13 percent versus 11 percent of men).

The Bay's Game-Time Tune-Ins

  • San Francisco: 87 percent of city dweller sports fans are more likely to watch the Giants on TV this upcoming season, compared to only three percent tuning into A's games
  • Peninsula: The highest contingency of excited 49ers viewers live here, with 90 percent planning to tune in next season versus only four percent who are excited to watch the Raiders
  • North Bay: Locals selected the Niners as their favorite TV team, the highest of any area (44 percent)
  • South Bay: San Jose sports fans are the most die-hard Sharks supporters as two-thirds (32 percent) are likely to watch the hometown team
  • East Bay: Raider Nation is no surprise rooted in Oakland with 35 percent of respondents are excited to watch the Raiders; still, 50 percent of respondents in Oakland are excited to catch 49ers games

Sports aren't the only thing that Bay Area locals love to watch on TV. Of all the premieres and finales this season, TiVo found that nearly one-third (32 percent) of San Francisco Bay Area residents are hooked on crime dramas. Bay area locals like musical talent competitions least amongst various TV programming, with 59 percent not tuning into even the biggest shows like "American Idol" and "The Voice."

TV Habits Around the Bay

  • San Francisco: The city loves its DVRs, with a whopping 68 percent always recording their favorite shows such as "New Girl" (20 percent are still hooked on this show)
  • Peninsula: This area prefers movie actors to stay on the big screen, as only one percent said the emergence of film actors on the small screen is their new favorite TV trend
  • North Bay: Locals here opt for viewing convenience (80 percent like to watch programs on their own schedules), with 94 percent recording their favorite TV shows all or some of the time.
  • South Bay: Reality TV is loved most by the South Bay residents, with 16 percent tuning in regularly
  • East Bay: Locals here are the most hooked of all areas on crime dramas with 38 percent

* TiVo's "Bay Area Sports" Survey was conducted March 2012, and sampled 1,244 respondents

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