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Big Stars and Brand New Shows: TiVo Survey Reveals the Most Anticipated Shows of the Fall TV Line-Up

Company Release - 9/16/2013 8:01 AM ET

SAN JOSE, CA -- (Marketwired) -- 09/16/13 -- In a new survey of DVR households, TiVo reveals the top new and returning shows TV lovers are most anxiously awaiting in the new fall line-up. According to TiVo, more than 70% of Americans look most forward to the fall line-up for having the best new shows of the year, and this year is no exception. With favorites from last season competing alongside exciting new contenders for a coveted slot on your TiVo DVR, nearly 35% of Americans will be queuing up their DVR to keep up with the best shows this season. So which shows and actors are viewers most excited about this year?

Most Anticipated New Comedy:          Most Anticipated Returning Drama:
1. The Michael J. Fox Show - 18.3%    1. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation -
2. The Crazy Ones - 9.1%              15.6%
3. The Millers - 7.2%                 2. Person of Interest - 16.1%
4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 3.8%          3. Grey's Anatomy - 8.7%
5. Dads - 3.1%                        4. Nashville - 6%
                                      5. The Vampire Diaries - 4.5%

Most Anticipated New Drama:           Favorite Stars:
1. Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. -  1. Robin Williams - 29.9%
 16.3%                                2. Michael J. Fox - 24.1%
2. Ironside - 10.5%                   3. Sarah Michelle Gellar - 7.6%
3. Sleepy Hollow - 9.8%               4. Sean Hayes - 3.6%
4. Hostages - 6.2%                    5. Andy Samberg - 3.3%
5. The Blacklist - 4%

Most Anticipated Returning Comedy:
1. The Big Bang Theory - 23%
2. Modern Family - 7.8%
3. Family Guy - 6.5%
4. How I Met Your Mother - 6%
5. Saturday Night Live - 5.8%

"The fall line-up is, without a doubt, the most exciting time in primetime television and, with so many new shows this season, it's exciting to see which shows become the next water-cooler favorites, binge-watching obsessions and, of course, TiVo Season Pass® recordings viewers can't live without," said Tara Maitra, Senior Vice President, General Manager, of Content and Media Sales at TiVo Inc.

This fall's line-up features several new shows with more than one famous face making a return or debut on TV. Nearly 30% of viewers are waiting on the edge of their seats for Robin Williams to return to the primetime line-up, and 25% of survey participants are most excited to see the star from Family Ties and Spin City, Michael J. Fox, starring in his own show. With even more hot stars hitting the small screen for the first time, viewers are eager to see the debuts of Anna Faris and Rebel Wilson as they appear in new sitcoms.(1)

While the new crop of shows are coming in to fill the timeslots of favorites like The Office and Fringe, which viewers were the most sad to see retire(2), there are still a few reigning champions of primetime that the audience can't wait to see again.

On the comedy front, The Big Bang Theory takes the top slot, beating the rest of the primetime line-up by a "quantum leap" of 16%. And it's no surprise that viewers are most excited to reconnect with the cast of lovable nerds(3) -- especially their self-appointed leader, Sheldon Cooper, who was chosen by 23% of viewers as the character they missed the most this summer.

When it comes to drama, crime shows still haven't lost their touch, with CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Person of Interest drawing the most anticipation with a combined 35%.

Finally, of course, with its always surprising cast of dancers, Dancing with the Stars is the clear winner in the reality category, with The Voice and Shark Tank following closely behind.(4)

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(1) Anna Faris was chosen by 11.1% and Rebel Wilson was chosen by 6.9% of viewers as the debut they were most excited to see.
(2) The Office was chosen by 14.1% of viewers and Fringe was chosen by 13.6% of shows we are sad to see retire.
(3) The Big Bang Theory was chosen by 27.2% of viewers as the TV cast they were most excited to reconnect with this fall.
(4) Dancing with the Stars was chosen by 12.9%, The Voice was chosen by 7.8% and Shark Tank was chosen by 7.2% of viewers as the reality shows they were most happy to see return.

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