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TiVo Presents Sixth Annual "Battle of the Brands" Scorecard at CES

Surprising Results From Amazon Fire, MetroPCS, Vizio and Kmart (Yeah, Kmart)

Netflix Romps in New OTT Streaming Service Category

Results Underscore the Value of Granular TV Viewing Data to Improve Ad Effectiveness

Company Release - 1/7/2015 10:00 AM ET

LAS VEGAS, NV -- (Marketwired) -- 01/07/15 -- TiVo today reported the winners and losers in its sixth annual Battle of the Consumer Electronics Brands at CES. Findings from TiVo Research and Analytics showed it is not the total amount spent on an advertising campaign that most matters. With more than 50 percent of American households utilizing DVR's that provide viewers the ability to avoid ads, what people choose to watch -- versus fast forward -- is a huge indicator of a specific advertising campaign's success.

Brands were evaluated with respect to how well their ads resonated with TiVo subscribers, as measured by their propensity to watch, rewind or fast-forward through the brands' spots during time-shifted viewing. While overall by-brand fast-forwarding rates were the key criterion, several other factors were also considered in assigning winning and losing brands including the following: fast-forwarding rates in similar, or different, media environments (i.e., media type, network, daypart); fast-forwarding rates for spots that ran in the first and middle commercial pod positions; and proportion of total spots in the first pod position.

"Brands need to use every available tool to maximize the effectiveness of their TV advertising. Precise commercial retention data demonstrates how advertisers' media campaigns stack up against those of their brand peers in terms of consumer interest and engagement," said Jonathan Steuer, TiVo's Chief Research Officer. "This dataset is just one of the many tools TiVo Research and Analytics provides in order to help advertisers, agencies and programmers to target and measure their multichannel marketing efforts."

TiVo Research announced the winning and losing brands, based on analysis of national TV ads that ran between January and November 2014, during the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

OTT Streaming Service (New Category)
Netflix vs. Hulu Plus -- and the winner is... Netflix

  • Hulu Plus generated twice as much fast-forwarding in the first pod position when compared to Netflix.
  • Netflix also experienced 23 percent less fast-forwarding on cable networks than Hulu Plus.

Retail Outlets
Best Buy vs. Mass Merchants:
Walmart, Target, Kmart, Sears -- For the Second Time in Three Years Kmart wins

  • Kmart experienced the lowest overall fast-forwarding compared to the other four major retailers.
  • Kmart achieved the lowest fast-forward rate in the coveted first pod position.

Vizio vs. Samsung -- For the First Time in Six Years the Winner is... Vizio

  • Vizio delivered a lower overall fast-forward rate than Samsung in the television category.
  • Vizio also achieved 32 percent less fast-forwarding in the very difficult middle pod position.

AT&T Wireless vs. MetroPCS Wireless vs. Sprint Wireless vs. T-Mobile Wireless vs. Verizon Wireless --
For the First Time in Six Years Metro PCS Wireless wins

  • MetroPCS dramatically increased its national advertising campaign in 2014 after it was acquired by T-Mobile, delivering solid results for MetroPCS across a majority of the categories.
  • Among other criterion, MetroPCS topped all wireless competitors with the lowest fast-forward rate overall and on cable networks.

Amazon Fire vs. Apple iPad vs. Microsoft Surface vs. Samsung Galaxy -- Amazon Fire Wins for the First Time

  • In a category that has experienced a 14 percent increase in spot count for the year, Amazon Fire came out on top scoring the lowest overall fast-forward rate among a very competitive set of brands.
  • Amazon Fire also achieved top marks in the aggregate broadcast and cable results -- a rare trifecta!

Digital Cameras:
Canon EOS vs. GoPro Hero -- The Winner is... GoPro Hero

  • The digital camera category has seen its spot total decrease by more than half for the past two years, leaving only two major advertisers in a category that once counted more than seven.
  • Between the two remaining major players, GoPro Hero easily walked away with the prize for the second year in a row.

Game System:
Sony PlayStation 4 vs. Microsoft Xbox One --
The Winner for the Third Year in a Row is... Xbox

  • The game system category tells a similar story as digital cameras, with subcategories like handheld games and kids' videogame systems once commanding major national spot counts. Now the main focus of the advertising is concentrated on the specific game rather than the system.
  • In the tightest race of the year, Xbox One came out on top with low fast-forward rates on cable networks and in the very difficult middle pod position.

Apple iPhone vs. HTC One vs. LG G3 vs. Nokia Lumia vs. Samsung Galaxy
For the Second Year in a Row the Winner is... HTC One

  • HTC One delivered the best overall fast-forward rate of any smartphone.
  • HTC One also scored a superior fast-forward rate in the challenging primetime daypart.

TiVo Research and Analytics' viewing analysis is based on data from January-November 2014, collected from an anonymous daily sample of 350,000 active TiVo DVRs.

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