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TiVo Makes Network Comedies Available at Your Fingertips!

Network Comedy Collections Now Available to Viewers With the Click of a Single Button

Company Release - 3/6/2015 9:03 AM ET

SAN JOSE, CA -- (Marketwired) -- 03/06/15 -- TiVo Inc. (NASDAQ: TIVO), a leader in advanced television, unveiled its new Network Comedy Collections today giving TV lovers access to the best primetime and late night comedy programs across ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX. With access to these collections, especially for TiVo over-the-air (TiVo OTA) users, there is no need to pay for an a la carte streaming service when you can record the same content at the push of a single button.

Available through TiVo Central®, TiVo Collections offer customers specially curated content. By keeping a close eye on seasonal and trending topics across the nation, the TiVo editorial staff creates collections of TV shows, movies and web content to eliminate endless hours of channel surfing.

For example, the NBC Collection contains "The Tonight Show" starring Jimmy Fallon, "Saturday Night Live" and other NBC comedies -- all in one easily accessible bundle that can be accessed with the click of a single button within the TiVo Collections user interface.

"The Network Comedy Collections, and TiVo Collections in general, are unique and exciting offerings for television viewers -- especially for viewers without cable or satellite service," said Tom Rogers, TiVo CEO. "In a world of on-demand content, it is important that viewers have the ability to both record programs and access streaming services. Viewers will have to decide what are the most efficient ways to put together the programming menu they really want. With TiVo, recorded programing still plays a vital role in providing viewers the flexibility to access curated programming collections. TiVo leads the way on this front, while also integrating streaming services into the same user experience. TiVo uniquely provides the ability to balance over the air and OTT content."

Over the air viewers need not worry about missing their favorite primetime comedy or late night show, as the TiVo Roamio OTA allows quick access to the Network Comedy Collections as well as many other collections including sporting events and awards shows. With TiVo Roamio OTA, viewers get the most advanced TV viewing experience (searching, recording and storing content) that is received over-the-air. Additionally, with the use of a TiVo Stream, viewers can access that content across multiple screens to catch their favorites anytime, anywhere.

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TiVo Inc. (NASDAQ: TIVO) is a global leader in next-generation television services. With global headquarters in San Jose, CA and offices in New York, NY, Boston, MA and Durham, NC, TiVo's innovative cloud-based Software-as-a-Service solutions enable viewers to consume content across all screens in and out-of-the home. The TiVo solution provides an all-in-one approach for navigating the 'content chaos' by seamlessly combining live, recorded, on-demand and over-the-top television into one intuitive user interface. The TiVo experience provides TV viewers with simple universal search, discovery, viewing and recording from any device, creating the ultimate viewing experience. TiVo products and services are available at retail or through a growing number of pay-TV operators world-wide. TiVo's multiple subsidiary companies provide the broader television industry and consumer electronics manufacturers, cloud-based video discovery and recommendation options, interactive advertising solutions and audience research and measurement services. More information at:

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