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TiVo Presents the Seventh Annual "Battle of the Brands" Scorecard at CES

Wireless Category Shows 30 Percent More Ad Spots Than Other Products

Nintendo Wii U(R) and Nokia Lumia(TM) Pull Strong Wins Against Fierce Competitors

Company Release - 1/6/2016 9:00 AM ET

SAN JOSE, CA -- (Marketwired) -- 01/06/16 -- TiVo (NASDAQ: TIVO) today reported its seventh annual Battle of the Consumer Electronics Brands at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2016 (CES) in Las Vegas, Nev.TiVo's second-by-second TV viewing data revealed a huge shift in which TV commercials viewers watch most, regardless of the ad spend involved. TiVo releases the scorecard ranking relevant technology products each year from CES with this year's analysis based on national TV ads that ran from January through November of 2015.

SVOD Services
Amazon Prime vs. HBO Now vs. Hulu vs. Netflix -- and the winner is... Hulu

  • Last year (2014), only Netflix and Hulu aired major campaigns; but in 2015, there were four total competitors, reflecting a fast-growing streaming service market.
  • In easily the tightest race of the year, Hulu just barely edged out the other SVOD services, with an impressive fast-forward rate -- both overall and in the first pod position.

AT&T Wireless vs. Cricket vs. MetroPCS Wireless vs. Sprint vs. T-Mobile vs. Verizon Wireless -- T-Mobile grabs its first win in seven years

  • In easily the most prolific category, with over 30 percent more total spots than retail, T-Mobile came out on top.
  • First time participant, Cricket, increased its spot count by 83 percent (compared to 2014).

Amazon Fire™ vs. Apple iPad® vs. Microsoft Surface™ vs. Samsung Galaxy™ -- Samsung Galaxy wins for the first time

  • This category has experienced a total spot count decline of 33 percent (compared to 2014).
  • Samsung Galaxy scored the lowest overall and primetime fast-forward rate in this very competitive set of brands.
  • Samsung Galaxy also scored the lowest fast-forward rate in the first pod position.

Digital Cameras
GoPro Hero® vs. Nikon® D -- Nikon D pulls out a win for the first time in four years

  • This category has experienced a continual spot decline over the past few years.
  • Nikon D just edged out GoPro Hero for the 2015 victory.
  • Nikon D topped GoPro Hero with a superior fast-forward rate in primetime, on weekends, and on many networks.

Game System
Nintendo Wii U vs. Sony PlayStation® 4 vs. Microsoft Xbox One™ -- Nintendo Wii U knocks out three-time champion Xbox®

  • Every year more spots focus on specific games rather than the gaming system, but these three top-tier systems still allocate a portion of their budget to the hardware.
  • Nintendo Wii U topped Sony PlayStation and Xbox, with a strong fast-forward performance -- overall, on cable, and in primetime.

Apple iPhone® vs. Google Nexus™ vs. HTC One™ vs. LG® G3 vs. LG G4 vs. LG V10 vs. Motorola® Droid® vs. Nokia Lumia -- and the winner is... Nokia Lumia

  • In the most crowded category analyzed (eight participants in all), Nokia Lumia handily defeated all comers after two years of HTC victories.
  • Nokia Lumia delivered the best overall fast-forward rate, and a superior fast-forward rate in the first pod position.

"Brands rely on outside tools to maximize the effectiveness of their TV advertising. Specific commercial retention data show how campaigns are resonating compared to those of their brand peers," said Rachel Poulsen, Director of Data Science and Measurement for TiVo Research. "This dataset is a great demonstration of how TiVo Research can provide advertisers, agencies and programmers with tools to demographically tailor and measure their multichannel marketing efforts."

Brands were evaluated with respect to how well their ads resonated with TiVo subscribers, as measured by these subscribers' propensity to watch, rewind or fast-forward through the brands' spots during time-shifted viewing. While overall by-brand fast-forwarding rates were the key criterion, several other factors were also considered in assigning winning and losing brands, including the following: fast-forwarding rates in similar -- or different -- media environments (i.e., media type, network, daypart); fast-forwarding rates for spots that ran in the first and middle commercial pod positions; and proportion of total spots in the first pod position.

TiVo Research and Analytics' viewing analysis is based on data from January through November 2015, as collected from an anonymous daily sample of 350,000 active TiVo DVRs. Additional details about this survey and other TiVo research activities are available from TiVo Research at

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